Coming to you from my home office in the UK

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At Pearson, we are lucky to have a number of resources available to support our working from home journey, such as Microsoft Teams so we can keep in touch and Office 365 to help us collaborate on files. So in the Higher Education Qualifications team, we have been able to make a smooth transition. I therefore wanted to share some of my thoughts from this experience thus far, and hope that this enables you to do the same.

Working in the Creative Industries after the #metoo movement

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The purpose of this article is not to explore or discuss any specific cases that have come out of this movement, but to very briefly explore this impact and how this may affect you, as someone who wants to work in the industry. I have had many conversations about this and it surprises me how many people think the #metoo movement is ‘just’ about sexual harassment and that it is a ‘woman’s issue’.  It is not.

What next? Why not gain a Masters?

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Essentially, an Integrated Master’s is a combination of undergraduate study and postgraduate study in one course. You’ll start out at a Bachelor’s level, just as you would with a normal degree. Gradually, as you work through the modules, you’ll expand your knowledge and skills until you find yourself immersed in Master’s-level study. It’s all carefully designed to be a natural progression, so you’ll never feel rushed or out of your depth, and by the end, you’ll be the proud owner of a Master’s level degree.

It’s architecture, but not as you know it

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With nearly half of all UK carbon emissions originating from buildings and infrastructure, the climate agenda is supercharging the need - and energizing the search for solutions. 

No longer is the design of buildings reserved for those with a formal qualification. With gamers collaboratively building virtual cities from their bedrooms, and clients increasingly engaged with the development of their future assets, we need to come up with new, inclusive ways of designing and constructing. 

HND helped me grow in more ways than one

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I have always been interested in front end development and emerging technologies, and the college enabled me to work with both. One of my difficulties at the beginning was with dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and communicating on a professional level. Regardless of any difficulties I came across or had, the lecturers were always very positive and pushed me to improve and better myself.

Lifelong journey of learning

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I was around 13 years old and I distinctly remember a cold winter morning when my grandfather woke me up at 4am, like he always did, with a hot cup of tea. I woke up, reluctantly questioning the need to be up so early, when I had another 4 hours or so before I needed to go to school. He simply said: 

”You will finish school one day but you will always remain a student so it’s important to start early and make time to learn.”

How to build your personal brand

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What experience do you want to give people who will work with you and get to know you?

Why create a Personal Brand? 

In the words of Lida Citroen, “A brand is an expectation of an experience”. By creating your personal brand when networking and applying for jobs, you are communicating to the internet what they can expect when they meet and work with you. Your online brand can support you in your job applications and interviews.

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