My childhood dream was to become an astronaut

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As I grew older, I became more aware of the reality and practicality of adulthood. As a child, I did not understand that I had to choose just one of my interests, because I was told at a young age that I could be, or do, anything. However, I still dreamed of more.  

I realised that if I studied business, I could apply my knowledge to several areas. That was why I took Business Management, because I can be anything and anywhere, as long as business and management are both present, which is the case across all industries.  

Should you take a top-up degree?

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What is a top-up degree?  

Top-up degrees are designed to help people with an existing Level 5 qualification - such as a Higher National Diploma (HND) - gain credits and graduate with a full undergraduate degree. Equivalent to the final year of study, they offer a fast-track route to a UK Bachelor’s, allowing students to build on their previous learning rather than starting from scratch, which could take three years or more. You can start a top-up degree straight after finishing your level 5 qualification or after a break if you would prefer – there's no time limit.   

Delivering HNs at New City College: Safety as a Value

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New City College is more than prepared to revert to such measures. During the recent lockdown, the College adopted this new approach to learning and quickly implemented the digital shift to working remotely. Our virtual learning environment (VLE), Moodle, was used by both teachers and students as a platform to engage and access online learning materials.