Lifelong journey of learning

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I was around 13 years old and I distinctly remember a cold winter morning when my grandfather woke me up at 4am, like he always did, with a hot cup of tea. I woke up, reluctantly questioning the need to be up so early, when I had another 4 hours or so before I needed to go to school. He simply said: 

”You will finish school one day but you will always remain a student so it’s important to start early and make time to learn.”

How to build your personal brand

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What experience do you want to give people who will work with you and get to know you?

Why create a Personal Brand? 

In the words of Lida Citroen, “A brand is an expectation of an experience”. By creating your personal brand when networking and applying for jobs, you are communicating to the internet what they can expect when they meet and work with you. Your online brand can support you in your job applications and interviews.

Why presenting is like bungee jumping and how to take the leap

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If speaking to an audience is like eating your veggies when you were 6 (you don’t like it but you’ll do it if you’re made to) you can probably simply rationalise it. ‘It’s only talking which I know I can do. With a bit of preparation I’ll know what I’m saying. It’ll be over in a few minutes and it won’t kill me’. But for many, it’s more like jumping off a bridge with just a piece of elastic between you and the ground. All the attention on you can cause real fear and anxiety, so you might need some more support to get over it.

How to focus in a distracted world

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The new law of productivity is:

High-quality work produced = (time spent) x (intensity of focus)

Increased productivity can all be achieved through ‘Deep Work’, which is becoming an increasingly rare skill. Deep work has been defined as:

Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skills and are hard to replicate” (Newport, 2016)

How to get rid of your 'ums' and 'likes'

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Though certainly not the most criminal of linguistic lapses, this habit can be a drawback in professional life, detracting from the value of what is being said and often detrimentally affecting the listener's perception of the speaker's eloquence. It is something especially important to be aware of when it comes to job interviews or speaking in front of groups of people.

Here's how to rid yourself of this small, but annoying verbal tic: