HND helped me grow in more ways than one

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I have always been interested in front end development and emerging technologies, and the college enabled me to work with both. One of my difficulties at the beginning was with dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and communicating on a professional level. Regardless of any difficulties I came across or had, the lecturers were always very positive and pushed me to improve and better myself.

My journey through HNC

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My employer has fully funded the course for me and pays me one day a week to go to college in Bedford.  In return, my position in the company is, as far as can be predicted, guaranteed for the duration of the course, and a further year after that. Along with doing other professional courses along the way, I can look forward to more responsibility, pay rises and the ability to do my job well.

Balancing work, study and family life as an HN student

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I became a father in December 2015 when my son was born, which was a proud moment. This made me consider my future, with little thought I approached a local apprenticeship representative and asked, ‘how do I go about studying for my National Diploma and onto HNC?’ It was September of 2016 I enrolled on the 2-year part time National Diploma course in order to work towards my HNC.