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Starting out

With HN Global, students can search, share, comment, rank and sort millions of learning resources via an online digital library of hundreds of thousands of eBooks, academic journals, magazines, reports, conference materials, and much more; tutors can create and annotate reading lists for their students; you can also keep up-to-date on the latest news around the redevelopment and enhancement of the HN programmes.

Enrolling in units

The first time you log into HN Global you will be prompted to choose units to enrol in.
The units displayed will be all available units for your programme of study, potentially including units not offered at your centre. 
Enrolling in a unit is a way of bookmarking that unit so that you can see resources associated with it - you can enrol in any units you choose from your programme of study, including those that you may not be studying currently if they interest you. This will not affect what you are enrolled in at your centre.
To enrol in a unit, click once on the plus sign (+) on the left of the unit name.
Once enrolled, your units will show at the top of the ‘My units’ page, as well as the home page.
If you want to change your enrolled units, return to the ‘Edit my units' page, and use the plus (+) and minus (-) icons to change your selections.

Exploring HN Global


Explore Programmes and Units

Select Explore in the main menu to see the programme and units you are enrolled on.
Click on the programme you are interested in to see a full list of all units in that programme. From here you can go to the unit home page of any unit in your programme, where you can explore a full list of resources relevant to that unit, view the unit specification, and enrol or unrenrol in that unit.

Account settings


View your profile

To view your profile, go to My account and View my profile.

Change your password

To change your password, go to My account, then View my profile and Edit password. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.

Change your screen name

If you want to change your default screen name, select Edit my profile on the My profile screen. Please refer to our Online Behaviour Policy for guidance on choosing appropriate screen names.

Contact your centre

If your details on HN Global are incorrect, use the ‘Contact my centre’ button to get in touch with centre administration team, who will be able to amend your record on your behalf.

Further help


Contact us

For further help and support, you can write to us at