Can we all really be the best?

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The word talent gets used an awful lot. Perhaps the best modern example of the words ingraining into our everyday lives and culture is demonstrated on so called ‘talent shows’, where the judges are looking to find the next big talent. Every now and again a person walks on stage in one of these shows completely bewildering the audience with their ability. We then conclude that this person has a mystical gift only some people are lucky enough to be born with or inherit. Never has the iceberg illusion been so apparent; it’s easy to see the ice above the water and not the colossal foundation it’s built upon.

How video games can help boost your employability skills

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Most of us will have tried our hand at gaming at some point in our lives. For some of us, it might have grown into a long-standing hobby while others might have realised pretty quickly that it just wasn't for them. Whatever your sentiments towards gaming as a pastime, have you ever considered the value it may add to your professional life?

Mind the gap: how to deal with gaps in your employment history

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If you've been in employment for several years you will only be expected to include the highlights of your experience so small gaps may not really be an issue. Also a few months' hiatus between periods of employment can often be concealed through clever formatting - omitting the months and just showing the year. But if it's much longer than a few months you'll probably need to elucidate.

Do you care about the quality of your education?

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Let’s face it, if I asked you the question in the title directly, you’d answer “Yes” immediately. Similarly, if I asked you for an example of high quality education I’m sure you’d be able to give me at least one, even if it took a bit longer to think of it. But, if I then asked you why you’d chosen that example and why that education was ‘high quality’, the answer may not arrive before we’d given up on this conversation all together.
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