What can entrepreneurs learn from athletes?

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Talent alone is rarely a guarantee of success in either field - professional sport or entrepreneurship;  it often comes down to also having the right attitude and mindset. As an entrepreneur, you could do worse than take a few pointers from the sportsmen and women who have made full use of their talents. Here are a few positive examples to follow:

Create a positive inner voice

Technology in Education – What’s Next?

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Using technology in the classroom dates back nearly 100 years when radio stations began broadcasting on-air classes. Since then, innovations such as the overhead projector, the calculator, desktop computers, CD-Roms, and countless other inventions have transformed the teaching landscape. The impact of this has been inconclusive, but there are outcomes that are conclusive. These include improvements in:

  • Engagement

  • Motivation

  • Independent learning

The what, why and how of digital interviews

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Not to be confused with the live, Skype-based version, a digital interview requires candidates to field pre-recorded questions from prospective employers, recording answers at their own leisure and then emailing these back to the recruiting company.

There are a number of companies using digital interview software throughout the world. One of the leading providers, HireVue, counts multinationals Rio Tinto and Red Bull among its customers.

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