Student Case Study of Megan Shannon

Megan Shannon
Megan Shannon

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment

Why did you choose to complete a Higher National?

I am currently doing an apprenticeship which is a 5 year course. The first two years are where I complete my HND I believe by doing this instead of going straight into university has given me a great insight into the industry which I have chosen and makes the work side of my apprenticeship easier to understand.

I have gained so much from completing my HND as when I first started I had no real idea about the construction industry and by completing my HNC and HND my knowledge has exceeded more than I ever thought it would.

Time management has been key to complete both my HNC/HND as well as working full time. As well as this it has helped me be able to apply what I have learnt through my HND to real life situation.

These skills have definitely helped my career as the knowledge I have gained through learning has become practical in my career as all the assignments allowed me to relate the situation back to my current job.

Do you have any career tips or advice for current or recent Higher National students?

If you are looking to start a new career I believe doing a Higher National is the best way to expose you to that industry and make it easy to breakdown and understand.

What has been your career path up until now?

I am currently a commercial apprentice in the second year of my five year apprenticeship. I am currently working on a maintenance project for the M25 I am currently working under the procurement team and preparing and letting tenders and contracts to the supply chain.


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